Mustapha Bundu: Striker’s first interview following his loan move

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Striker on why he’s joined, AGF Aarhus

New AGF Aarhus striker Mustapha Bundu says he is very happy to have joined a great group of players’ as he settles into life at Ceres Park, Aarhus.

The 19-year-old striker joined the Danish Superliga side on a one-year loan deal with an option to extend his contract.

Having spent the past few days accustoming to his new surroundings, the Sierra Leone youngster feels he will fit perfectly with the Whites.

He said:”I was here before for ten days to train with the team but I had to go and see my people and now I thanked God have seen my people now I’m looking forward to playing.”

“AGF Aarhus is a good club, it feels good and I know few people that have been here some Ghanaian boys, someone that I was very close to was here his name is Mohamed Abu. They said good stuff about AGF.

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Listen to his full interview on club’s TV

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