"#114 Sierra Leone take three steps backwards in Fifa ranking"

Sierra Leone’s doubleheader against Ghana called off

Sierra Leone’s African Nations Cup qualifier against Ghana has been called off after the country’s FA failed to get a FIFA suspension lifted.

Sierra Leone authorities, who had petitioned FIFA to get the ban lifted, did not meet a Tuesday deadline to reinstate ousted football association president Isha Johansen, who is under investigation of corruption-related charges.

“Our appeal has been rejected,” Sierra Leone Football Association president Brima Mazzola Kamara, who replaced Johansen, told Reuters.

Sierra Leone has three points from their opening two Nations Cup qualifiers.

Confederation of African Football (CAF) has yet to comment on whether Ghana will be awarded a win for Thursday’s match or if Sierra Leone will be allowed to continue in the Nations Cup qualifying competition if and when they are reinstated by FIFA.

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  1. FIFA has treated Sierra Leone very unfairly. Is it because because it is a poor and small country?

  2. God bless you Mr ACC boss… let FIFA go ahead with their ban on our country.. but we won’t seat down and look at corrupt people like Isha Johansen destroying our country football.. Mr kaifala it time you act drastically and let Isha Johansen face the law and go to Jail for all her corrupt doing.

  3. FIFA has treated sierra Leone very very bad

  4. Reply Post By Mustapha Mansaray

    Well now the doors are wide opened for ACC to treat corrupt isha’s case with urgency and heavy penalties. Let her disclose why fifa is blind to see the reality….if she ever shared the corrupt earnings with fifa she will diclose.

  5. Reply Post By Mustapha Mansaray

    Who say CAF is a serious body. It’s a slave body whose decisions and actions wholly and soully depend on corrupt fifa. Remember what Diego Maradona of Argentina once said about corrupt Eufa and fifa.

  6. Reply Post By Idrissa KAMARA

    Our country is more importan, better than FIFA, if FIFA or What ever they call them self want they said sierra leone Will not play football any more that is there business, but any body who is find guiltly of corruption in our country must face the LAW. Bravo Acc boss please don’t listin To the corrupt FIFA ok do what is good 4 MAMA SALONE

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