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Kei Kamara breaks new Major League Soccer ground

On Saturday, Kei Kamara secured his place in MLS history by scoring his 146th goal, surpassing Landon Donovan to become the league’s second-highest goalscorer after tying the record just days earlier.

Kamara’s momentous goal in the 33rd minute propelled LAFC to a 3-0 lead against the San Jose Earthquakes, echoing the style of his record-tying goal with another powerful header at the back post.

This remarkable achievement means that only one player in MLS history has scored as many goals as Kamara.

“I hope it makes a lot of people happy. I know it makes my friends and family happy because they’re the ones that have been counting the goals all these years and they get to text me. I see their texts, how happy they are,” Kamara said of his historic goal.

“But Landon is the greatest American soccer player to ever live, so for my name to be called next to his for this long, it was an honour. It’s still always going to be next to Landon – I mean the [MLS MVP] trophy is named after him. So when I get to be mentioned next to a great soccer player like that, it’s kind of cool and I’m a fan.”

While Kamara currently trails Chris Wondolowski by 25 goals, his resurgence with his 11th MLS team in Los Angeles has ignited hope for the 39-year-old veteran to potentially challenge the record.

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