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SWASAL is set to launch its Golden Jubilee logo and celebrate Sports Journalist Day.

SWASAL to Launch Golden Jubilee logo, celebrate Sports Journalist

The Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL) will launch its 50-year Golden Jubilee logo on Friday and celebrate this year’s World Sports Journalists Day.

The association’s President, Sahr Morris Jr, (In Photo) expressed pride in the achievements of the association and its sports journalists.

Sahr Morris Jr, the President of SWASAL, expressed that the recent event is a significant milestone and a great achievement for the Association. SWASAL has produced numerous outstanding sports journalists who have gone on to become leaders of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists and have also made significant contributions to sports administrations.

He stated: “As an Association and an executive, we take pride in our accomplishments thus far and are committed to further improving and achieving success in all aspects of sports journalism and sports administration in Sierra Leone.”

The launch will kick off various activities, including sponsored walks, sports tournaments, conferences, and other events. In commemoration of World Sports Journalists Day, the President extended gratitude to sports journalists in Sierra Leone and worldwide for their efforts in reporting sports news and events.

Despite challenges, he highlighted the dedication of Sierra Leone’s sports journalists in reporting on their athletes and promoting the value of sports to both local and international audiences.

He also encouraged everyone to take advantage of the newly introduced Diploma in Sports Journalism course offered by SWASAL and LICCSAL Business. College.

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