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A great eye-opener to football: Kei Kamara after his USA B License

A great eye-opener to football: Kei Kamara after his US B License

The former Sierra Leone International striker Kei Kamara could not hide his joy after earning his first coaching B-Licence from the United States Soccer Federation.

The 39-year-old striker, who’s third all-time in the MLS scoring chart (144 goals), speaking to Football Sierra Leone, discussed his six months of coaching learning experience. He confirmed the news when he posted his certificate on social media on Friday. 

Kamara, who joined Chicago in a trade from CF Montréal as he secured his 10th MLS club, acknowledged the ‘eye-opening side of football offfield’.

 “The whole experience was a great eye-opening about football,” Kei Kamara lamented. When you play, you see the game differently. When you start to coach, obviously, perspective changes.”

“I loved the prpocess of building trainings, knowing the reason why we going into trainings day by day is challenging yourself as a coach.”

Being a coach, you never want to be comfortable. So, there is some part of being a player that also comes toward that. It depends on how you have worked as a player and as an athlete – you challenge yourself, which drives you when you become a coach. 

“It feels like school all over again. After completing this badge, I now know I have more experience coaching than I thought I did because of my experience playing professional football. Because I thought i knew a lot more because of the years I played. But, no, after six months of course work, I have learned a lot more than I played for all those years.”

This license is designed for coaches looking to lead U13 or higher level teams in a competitive environment with a more intermediate to advanced skill set. Any coach with their B license will be able to apply and evaluate player development within the game and optimize the learning environment for their team. Among other requirements, coaches will be required to run three training sessions per week and perform thorough video analysis throughout the process.

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