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 In the eyes of many, Sierra Leone is certainly not ranked among the top African football nations. Although this remains a fact, the country has been able to hold its own and was able to qualify for two African Nations Cup finals two decades ago, and like many other teams on the continent, the national side can call on the services of an entire squad of foreign-based professionals.

However, the story behind the success, heartaches and controversies which animate the daily lives of footballers in the country at home and abroad is not amply told to a wide audience.

The Engagement

This is where Football Sierra Leone is entering the scene to make a difference. We want to share with the Sierra Leonean, foreign audience exclusive and entertaining news about the country’s football, footballers at home and abroad.

We want to also engage the audience to communicate with us and share their experience in football and others, who will be visiting our site.

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We have an experienced team of reporters and journalists who knows the story behind the teams, players, administration of Sierra Leone Football.

Football Sierra Leone believes the story of the sport in the country will now have a point of reference, and the quality and professional multimedia journalism which will accompany it will be highly acclaimed.

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