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SWASAL North, Makeni Council gear up to revive Mayor Trophy

SWASAL North, Makeni Council to revive Mayor Trophy

Representatives from the Sports Writers Association of Sierra Leone (SWASAL) – Northern Region Branch and the Mayor of the Makeni City Council, Abubakar Lamtales Kamara, recently held a meeting to discuss the revival of the Sports Writers Makeni Mayoral Trophy. –  By: Alusine Rehme Wilson 

In the photo, Mayor Abubakarr Lamtales of Makeni and his IEC Edward Gbukumu are pictured with SWASAL North representatives during a meeting at the Mayor’s Palace in Makeni City, Northern Province, Sierra Leone on Tuesday.

During the meeting, Abubakarr Lamtales Kamara expressed his excitement about SWASAL’s work and promised to fully cooperate in the revamp and sustainability of the Sports Writers Makeni Mayoral Trophy, which has been on hiatus for the past five years. 

He also affirmed the Council’s commitment to the initiative and promised to inform other staff about the meeting over the trophy’s second edition.

According to Alfred Zico Kabia, the Acting Organizing Secretary of SWASL North, the Sports Writers Makeni Mayoral Trophy is an annual championship that is free from political influences. 

This tournament has the potential to unite communities and has previously produced players who now compete in top leagues,  national and international.

The inaugural edition of the tournament took place in 2018. However, due to challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the former mayor’s extensive medical and work-related travels – there were no subsequent editions. 

For the second edition and beyond, SWASAL North hopes to promote soccer, showcase talent, empower sports enthusiasts, enhance community compliance, and boost revenue generation for Makeni City Council through the Sports Writers Makeni Mayoral Trophy.

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