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Sierra Leone Shooting Stars to adopt new tactic against Liberia U20

Sierra Leone U20 to adopt new tactic against Liberia

The head coach of Sierra Leone U-20 (Shooting Stars), Mohamed Lamin Kamara, will set his team to use different tactics and approaches in their match day three against the Liberia U-20 in the ongoing Zonal Tournament in Monrovia, Liberia. 

After their two opening draws against Liberia, Kamara is confident his team has demonstrated their potential to achieve better results in the remaining encounters. He is optimistic that their performances will lead to more goals and better outcomes.

In today’s tie, he wants his team to focus on attacking and effectively converting chances into goals, as they have been practising during their training sessions.

Despite acknowledging the strength and coordination of the Liberia U-20 side, Kamara is confident that his team will get a good result in the upcoming matches on Saturday and Sunday.

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