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CAF Launches CLOP System for MA's Top-tier Men’s Competitions

CAF Launches CLOP System for MA’s Top-tier Men’s Competitions

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has introduced a new system called the “Club Licensing System” for the top-tier men’s competitions of its member associations. This new system will ensure that the clubs meet the required standards in areas such as management, infrastructure, legal, financial and sporting aspects.

The CAF Club Licensing Online Platform (CLOP) has recently completed its pilot phase with great success. As a result, CAF is proud to announce the extension of this revolutionary initiative to all top-tier men’s club competitions across all 54 Member Associations.

The CLOP system is a cutting-edge electronic tool designed by CAF to streamline and oversee club licensing and stadium inspections for both domestic and continental competitions.

Through this platform, every Member Association is now equipped with a fully automated and electronic club licensing process. This allows clubs to easily archive and submit their club licensing documents virtually for CAF Club Interclub competitions.

In line with CAF’s goal of developing football across the continent, the system will now be extended to all Member Associations to implement within their domestic top-tier club competitions.

Under Article 64 of the CAF Men’s Club Licensing Regulations (edition 2022), the system will focus on implementing domestic club licensing criteria for men’s top-tier national club competitions across all 54 Member Associations.

With this initiative, CAF is paving the way towards a more efficient and transparent football landscape across the continent. By implementing this system, CAF is ensuring fair play and safety for all involved in football, from fans to clubs and players alike.

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